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Merry Christmas everyone!
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 School is hardwork you know =]

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PostSubject: School is hardwork you know =]   Thu Mar 12, 2009 8:07 am

Hey guys, as some of you know, I have school crap to deal with. I havn't been active lately, but trust me I check the site. This would be my first post, and I would post more things later. I just have alot of school things I need to do now. I have extra-curricular activities and my work load is packed. I'm just a busy bee, so if you need to talk to me just message me or reply back to this message alright. I miss you all, but I'll get back as soon as I have the time. Thanks for understanding guys =]

Daisuke =]
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Guardian Of Oblivion
Guardian Of Oblivion

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PostSubject: Re: School is hardwork you know =]   Thu Mar 12, 2009 8:49 am

Hey Joe, Glad to see you start posting ... :D

Dont worry, Be Happy !! we understand and we miss you too ...

Just feel free to chat and browse through this site as and when you feel like it ..
The door is always open widely here cool

Do keep in touch and Take Care ~~ wink
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School is hardwork you know =]

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